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Winter is a great time for snowball fights, sledding, hot chocolate, and cozying by warm fires. But it’s also a great time to build that new deck you’ve always wanted. Wait, what? Build a deck in winter? That’s right! You might think spring is the best time to build a new deck, but why not seize the day and get started on your project now? The right deck builder in Woodbridge VA can help you build your dream deck no matter the weather.

Why build my deck in winter?

That’s a great question, and we’ve got the answer. In fact, we’ve got five! Take a look at these quick tips to make sure you know what to expect as you prepare to build your new deck this winter.

deck being built

1. Slow season = lower rates

Just like it’s cheaper to go to Disney World in the off-season, it’s cheaper to build your deck in winter. Deck builders in Woodbridge VA have a busy spring/summer season and a slow winter season. To keep their income flowing, they often offer discounted rates during the winter months. This is a win-win. It allows you to get premium materials and quality labor at a lower price, and it keeps talented deck contractors working throughout the year.

2. Schedules are easier to coordinate

In the super-busy spring and summer months, it’s often difficult to work out a schedule that suits both you and your deck contractor. Fall is also a heavily booked season as homeowners rush to beat the cold weather. But why not schedule during the cold weather? That way you can avoid the spring and summer scheduling crunch. Chill out and give your deck builder in Woodbridge VA a call. Then watch your dream deck come to life this winter!

3. Cold weather can help stabilize your deck

You may not know this, but the wood used to build decks can swell in hot, highly humid weather. This can have unwanted effects such as warping and twisting. But here’s the thing — winter is a dry season. This cool, dry air will give your new deck plenty of time to stabilize properly. That means less twisting and warping, and that’s a big deal. Warped and twisted deck components can cause cracking and ultimately damage your deck and make repairs necessary.

4. Frozen ground won’t slow us down

You might wonder how you can build a deck when the ground outside is frozen and covered with snow. Well, don’t worry. Snow, ice, and frozen ground are no match for professional deck builders in Woodbridge VA. In some cases, cold ground is preferred by deck contractors. It can facilitate the process of digging for the footings since working on hard ground is much easier than dealing with spring mud. This will prevent your new deck’s foundation from settling too low. The hard ground will also help keep grass and turf damage to a minimum.

5. Enjoy your deck earlier in the season

This is the best reason to build your deck this winter. Homeowners who wait until spring to contact a deck builder in Woodbridge VA generally don’t see their decks completed until early to mid-summer. We’ll tackle your project during the winter while you while away the cold months shopping for grills online. As soon as spring hits, you’ll be ready to take advantage of your new deck!

Be cool and consult a professional deck builder today

As you can see, just because the weather cools down, doesn’t mean your deck building plans have to. MidAtlantic Contracting has an established reputation for building quality decks and is committed to customer satisfaction. We’ll work with you to design and build the deck of your dreams. Give us a call at 703.492.4663, or visit us online at A member of our staff can talk with you and answer any questions. We’re looking forward to building your new deck!