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Winter comes every year, and it can be hard on your deck. Cold, snow, and ice can damage your deck’s finish and structural integrity during the long winter months. Salt and shoveling can also take a toll.

A deck is a significant investment and adds value to a home, and it’s something we want to stay in good shape for a long time. With the right maintenance, you can protect your deck this winter — and every winter. A little preparation will keep it ready for next year’s summer fun!

Here are four simple steps to take right now to get your deck ready for the coming winter:

1. Clear away the clutter

If you’re like us, your deck is probably littered with outdoor gear that makes summertime more fun. Whether it’s a grill, table and chairs, chaise lounges, bicycles, or pool toys, your deck can fill up. Talk with any deck builder in Woodbridge VA, and they’ll tell you the same thing: these items need to be safely stored inside for winter. Bikes, metal planters and furniture, and grills can rust as winter snow piles on top of them. Wooden planters and furniture will rot quicker as the cold, wet weather constantly hammers them. The bottom line: move everything off your deck for winter!

man cleaning wooden deck

2. Scrub it clean!

This is an easy thing to do to prepare your deck for winter. Dirt, debris, and mold constantly accumulate on your deck, and they can cause problems when winter rolls around. Use a leaf blower to blast dead leaves, pine needles, and sticks of your deck’s surface then give it a good cleaning to remove dirt and mold. Try to get rid of any debris stuck between decking as this type of buildup can lead to drainage issues. Not sure you can tackle the job? Why not hire a professional deck contractor to do it for you? The right deck builder in Woodbridge VA can help you with the cleaning and even give your deck a good power wash!

3. Look for signs of damage

Once the snow flies and your deck is blanketed in fluffy white, it’s difficult to inspect it for issues. We recommend giving your outdoor living space a thorough inspection before it’s buried in snow. This way you can tackle problems before inclement weather arrives, or at least create a plan for what needs to be done in the spring. To avoid any surprises, inspect your deck on all sides and underneath. Popped nails, splintered or broken decking, and loose railings should all be repaired. This is one area in particular where you may want to call a professional deck builder in Woodbridge VA for help.

man installing composite deck

4. Seal your deck against moisture

It’s a well-known fact that moisture damages wood. Your deck is constantly exposed to nature’s wettest conditions, and over time, this takes a toll. The best way to counteract this is to apply a water-repellent finish to your deck. This could be stain, varnish, or sealer. Whatever you choose, you mustn’t leave your deck’s wood untreated.

Are you tired of refinishing your deck year after year? We can’t blame you. It may be the right time to talk with a reputable deck builder about replacing your old wood decking with new weather-resistant artificial decking. There are lots of colors, styles, and brands to choose from, and a good deck contractor can help you narrow the options.

It’s time to get going!

As winter gets closer every day, it’s time to act. MidAtlantic Contracting is a full-service construction company with over 40 years of experience. We serve both private and commercial sectors in Woodbridge and Northern Virginia and can tackle all your deck-related needs. Our goal is to make you completely satisfied through our professionalism and more importantly the quality of our work. We offer fair estimates and attention to detail to make sure your project is done right. If you’re looking for the right deck builder in Woodbridge VA, give us a call at 703.492.4663 or visit us online at