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Imagine the fun and relaxing opportunities you’ll have on a new deck, and finding a deck builder in Woodbridge VA is easy. At MidAtlantic Contracting, we make decks that are comfortable places for you to enjoy by yourself or with friends and family. Having a new deck from a deck builder in Woodbridge VA provides opportunities to sit outside and enjoy a sunny summer day or crisp autumn afternoon, but what about after nightfall? Outdoor lighting is an addition that you should consider so that you maximize the amount of time you can enjoy outside. If you still need convincing, dive into this list of the benefits of adding lighting to your deck.

Added Safety

If you’re hosting a party, you absolutely must have lighting so that guests avoid tripping. A set of stairs built by a deck contractor that leads down into the yard is a potential trip hazard even if it was built by an experienced deck contractor. If your deck has stairs, you can add lighting on the stair risers or on the sides of the banisters. Incorporating overhead lighting into your design is a way to ensure that chairs and tables are well-lit, and floodlights above the deck are powerful enough to illuminate the entire backyard, which will help people safely navigate their way back to the deck without tripping on tree roots.

lighting on deck

More Outdoor Alone Time

When you add lighting to your deck, you can spend more time outside by yourself reading a book, magazine, or newspaper. Table and floor lamps are ideal additions to a deck for readers, and you have many options. Some are powered by solar energy, but others are battery-operated. They also come in a range of styles to fit your current outdoor decor.

Mood Setting

The outdoor lighting industry has made a wide array of lighting options that set the mood for a party with friends and family. Lanterns add a festive touch, and LED light strips fit perfectly under banisters and railing. They come in a wide array of colors, including blue, green, orange, and red, and they can be coordinated with whatever holiday you’re celebrating. You can also choose plain white for an elegant style that looks great all year round. Your deck builder in Woodbridge VA will probably put in a wide overhang on the railings around the deck, so there’ll be more than enough room.

lighting on deck patio

Increased Sense of an Outdoor Living Space

More than likely, you already know that outdoor kitchens are additions that many homeowners want, but many people are taking it a step further by adding indoor elements to outdoor spaces. Rugs, coffee tables, screens for privacy, lighting, and other pieces of living room decor are layered to give outdoor spaces the comforts of the indoors. To put it simply, an outdoor living room isn’t complete until you add multiple light sources. Two wall sconces can frame a piece of art, and a table lamp creates intimate lighting for enjoying a quiet conversation with friends and family.

At MidAtlantic Contracting, we want you to get the most out of your deck. Adding lighting is a practical way of extending the amount of time that you can spend outside on your new home addition. If you still need a deck contractor to help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams, MidAtlantic Contractor is the deck builder in Woodbridge VA for you, so give us a call.