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Trees have started blooming in the Northern Virginia area, and we are two weeks away from the official start of Spring. This means that Spring cleaning and Spring preparation is in full swing! As you enjoy this change of weather and begin cleaning your home and getting rid of items you don’t need, remember that your home’s exterior needs maintenance.


Gutters: If you did not clean your gutters before winter begin, you should definitely do it now. Inspect your gutters for leaves and debris. Make sure nothing is clogging the gutters. If your gutters are clogged, water will overflow and damage your house’s siding. Other issues to look for are holes, sagging and loose or missing fasteners.

gutter inspection

Roof: Grab a ladder and get on the roof! Harsh winds could have damaged your roof so look for loose or missing shingles. In addition, take a look at your chimney’s flashing. Assess if it’s peeling away or deteriorating.  Tip: If getting on the roof is not possible consider using binoculars or your phone/digital camera to inspect.


Siding: The rain and snow could have hit your house hard this winter. So you must inspect for loose siding. If loose siding goes unchecked, water can get inside causing your support beams to rot. Keeping your siding clean is also important, because of the inevitable Spring showers, you want to keep your siding as dry and clean as possible. Clean regularly your siding to avoid mold and mildew.


Deck: Clean your deck! In order to start using it during the warmer dry days of Spring, depending on what is around your home, clean off any leaves or wash off any dirt that accumulated throughout the winter season. Tip: To protect your deck from moisture and UV rays, consider staining it and sealing it.

cleaning deck

Remember, if you find any issues with your gutters, roof or siding, Call MidAtlantic Contracting. We will make sure that your home is ready for Spring and Summer!